Tuesday, March 13, 2012

AQEMU Now Packaged for Fedora

It has taken some time but my AQEMU package has been accepted by the Fedora Project.

    "AQEMU is a GUI to the QEMU and KVM emulators, written in Qt4. The program has a user-friendly interface for setting the majority of QEMU and KVM options."

It is an open source project started by Andrey Rijov and while a little rough around the edges a viable alternative to virt-manager, particularly for KDE Users.

The packages currently exist in the updates-testing repositories for Fedora 15, Fedora 16, and the yet to be formally released Fedora 17. To install the package on your chosen Fedora release run:

    # yum install --enablerepo=updates-testing aqemu

If you want to help speed up the process for getting AQEMU into the stable repositories be sure to test the package(s) and login to Bohdi to add karma!

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