Monday, May 16, 2011

Give your desktop a new look with the elementary icon theme

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Looking to give your desktop a new look? Try the elementary icon theme. These icons are available in the default Fedora repository for F14. As such they can be installed by issuing the following yum command:
# yum install elementary-icon-theme
To activate the icon theme Gnome users should:
  1. Access System -> Preferences -> Appearance.
  2. With the current overall theme selected click Customize.
  3. Select the Icons tab on the Customize Theme dialog box.
  4. Select elementary or elementary-monochrome from the list provided.
  5. Click Close on both dialog boxes to apply and save the changes.
The instructions for users of other desktop environments such as KDE, XFCE or LXDE will differ. Consult the documentation for your desktop environment of choice if you are unable to find the appropriate settings.

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